about created kind

community engagement

“Created Kind partners within communities for safe, responsible, and sustainable access to regulated cannabis markets.” 

-John-Michael, Founder & CSO

research & development

Created Kind recognizes the responsibility to study cannabis at every level across the industry vertical. We partner with public and private sector, utilizing standardized practices for a more consistent environment to study how cannabis affects people, who is consuming what and how, and other behavior analytics around the plant.

education & training

Created Kind understands that knowledge is power and like any nascent industry creating pathways to access education is necessary for any successful business. Click icon above for our corporate partner's offer to accessible and standardized learning modules for those new to the industry and ongoing education for industry experts.

diversity, equity & inclusion

Created Kind believes in giving those that haven’t had an opportunity to participate in the cannabis industry a pathway to do so… Too many have been disadvantaged and communities disproportionately hurt by the war on drugs, we believe our solutions and partnerships provide more efficient pathways to engage and be uplifted within the industry.


Finding a suitable platform for cannabis events, parties or festivals is difficult and costly if fees, contacts go uncollected / accounts get deleted. Created Kind has partnered with a safe, reliable, industry-centric company who understands the needs of the culture. Click the icon above and link to post your next cannabis friendly event.

brand awareness

Where-o-where do cannabis brands connect with consumers? Standard social media platforms have become unreliable. Created Kind has established solid relationships with dedicated partners that enables cannabis brands with the resources and structure to speak directly to consumers. Click on the icon above to register your brand and start building awareness.

tourism & rentals

While communities across the country continue to grapple with confusing cannabis consumption legislation, private homes are available for you to rent (in regulated markets). Created Kind has partnered with the market leader in cannabis-friendly rentals and cannabis housing. Sign-on to rent your home or find property today.

some of the organizations we support