Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it H-T-B-X or hotbox?

It’s both! Although it is easily referred to as ‘hotbox’ and fits well within the legendary nomenclature that was invented by someone’s Greek relative back 800 BCE. For us The HTBX name is an acronym about what the company believes and strives for: Higher Thinking Builds eXcellence. 


What exactly does HTBX do?


Business answer: HTBX is a managed services provider. 

Human-speak: We work with businesses to identify where they are, where they want to go, what behaviors & structures that need to be in place for them to meet their goals. The magic sauce comes in helping to connect them with resources who can help them get there and ensuring they have the right team to make it all happen. 


How are you able to do what you do with such a small team?


It’s true, we’re a small, but mighty team that can activate with a variety of offerings because of the powerhouse network of partnerships we’ve built throughout our careers.


Who can benefit from working with HTBX?


Cannabis businesses that are looking to build their business and provide greater efficiency with increased autonomy. 


What kind of business partner is an ideal fit to work with HTBX?


Our partners are well-established groups tenured within their field. We’ve spent our time cultivating relationships with organizations to ensure our clients have an A+ experience, allowing them to focus on the making decisions about their company. 


Which markets do you work within?


We are a remote-based company and with our physical headquarters located in Colorado, our network expands across all legal cannabis markets in the United States, including Canada. If you’re area has legalized cannabis, we can assist.