Maximizing returns and making happy cannabis clients

What a ride 2021 has been so far! Mid-year means check-in for you, our family, friends, industry allies and supporters of Team HTBX. With so much happening internally and with the rest of the world shouting every movement from the rooftops, the team at HTBX has been quietly working toward our 2021 goals, building hospitality opportunities in legal markets with approved social equity applicants and driving full speed ahead down the road of success with our core clients.

When we last connected Team HTBX was repositioning itself as an accelerator and incubator for mature start-ups. This strategy, albeit unconventional toward how the public understood us, was an intentional alignment into our true core competencies as a B2B resource and relationship management agency. The subscription-based model was and is the vehicle necessary to enable emerging businesses the access needed to build traction and ultimately scale their operation.

Without having to push newly born start-ups into heavy retainers or equity deals, The HTBX Solution model allows leaders access to an established and well vetted international network of professionals. Part training wheels, part human resource architecture, but all with a solid backbone of organizational prowess; all offered to businesses without pushing them into complicated debt structures or blind equity arrangements.

Team HTBX enacted the new profile December 2020 with the goal of building a base of 14 clients by EOY 2021. We are happy to report that as of this month we are over half way to our target with the remaining partners identified and in discussion. As an operator, the capstone to this exciting news is that every step has been taken with intention and with the end consumer in mind.

While we continue to refine our services offering, there is more good news to share about “The HTBX” modular hospitality solutions. During 2020 the entire industry took a breath and stepped back to respect the priorities and people whom have been most negatively impacted by the War on Drugs. With earnest we saw an industry coalesce and leverage years of hard work and relationship building across all aisles and denominations to enact sweeping progress for social equity in communities of color. Our political system and policy makers are not perfect, and the regulations defining who and how access will be delivered to Black, Brown and disenfranchised communities will continue to be improved, but we are proud to continue to support the progress being made.

In line with our corporate profile and the policies being enacted across the country, this puts HTBX International in a unique position to provide the network partners, corporate resources and intellectual property needed for start up and emerging businesses in these communities. With over a decade of experience in each of our verticals of specialty and a proven track record of intentional activations across the industry and country; our team is pushing ahead to support the best and brightest along the entire vertical supply chain.

With hope and determination we look forward to sharing 2021 wins in forthcoming press releases, interviews and other media. We are just getting started and continue to appreciate your support as we continue to maximize returns for our supporters and make happy cannabis clients.

Thank you, be well and talk soon – John McCaskill, Founder & Managing Partner at HTBX International  

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