New Year, Same Mission: empowering brands with innovative hospitality experiences and scalable services for maturing cannabis startups

H.I. Friends!So this is 2022. Can’t say this is how I imagined things when I was young. We traded hoverboards for electric cars, TV for TV on our phones and flying cars for getting high. Actually not a bad tradeoff all things considered, still we have a long way to go bringing communities together for equitable access to cannabis and business in cannabis. Rightfully we have been moving slowly toward a more centered understanding that we are ALL in fact in this together. But businesses are going to need improved technology and strategy to find long term success.

Heralded as the medicine of the people, cannabis is perfectly timed for a banner year in 2022. The cannabis industry continues to move forward with or without banking and the Federal government onboard. With States legalizing faster than I can finish this post we at HTBX International are excited to welcome startups at every stage of the supply chain and help to continue to bring scalable success as we have done this past year. For more real-time industry info and know-how checkout our friends at GrowIn.

Since November 2019 HTBX team has been privileged to work with organizations across every vertical of the cannabis industry. From our friends working with testing to marketing agencies planning strategic re-engagement our system for success remains as steadfast in 2022. 

The HTBX Solution for Scalable Business to Business Success

Customized business assessment

Engagement with team of professionals

Ongoing support through network partners

Success-driven subscription model

Defined results for improved outcomes

We stand by our system and encourage new and existing businesses to reach-out for support. Throughout our engagement process companies have access to a robust team of professionals available to augment existing management. These teams enable companies to be flexible with the size, direction and needs of your team/goals, but don’t take our word for it.

Here are a couple sound bites from the industry;

 “HTBX opened my eyes to how innovation is applied to the cannabis sector when I first joined the industry in 2019, and I continue to track their progress in developing markets.” Founder & CEO of a cannabis industry news & education brand (Chicago, Illinois)

 “HTBX was instrumental in the development of my business/brand, Alison and John’s willingness to support me and help create my path towards growth in a way that was personable and understandable is unmatched. Their subscription service was convenient for my budget.” Founder & CEO of a cannabis delivery brand (Denver, Colorado)

While we continue to move forward I would be remiss if I did not mention the continued progress by our product development team and the work being accomplished for hospitality spaces. As a first to market innovator, we appreciate the adoption of new standards by MSOs preparing for what everyone knows to be THE industry category, consumption. HTBX is currently in development with every legalized market in North America to develop greater access to compliant consumption; utilizing our approved systems including patent pending modular units. We look forward to introducing new models in 2022 for tasting rooms, cannabis bars and events. 

Amongst the varied outcomes expected as a first to market developer in a new industry, we continue to be most appreciative to our early investors, stakeholders and most importantly employees. “Do Good, Have Fun and Deliver Value” is a consistent motto in our daily operations and we continue to look forward to serving the community providing compliant and sustainable opportunities. 

Peace and blessings in the new year! 
John Mc

founder & managing partner @ htbx international

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