Pandemic Pivots & Preferred Offerings for CBD & Hemp Consumers

Was it all a dream? We did the dance. We built the widget. We were the first mover. We built the team. We recruited the diverse advisor board. We placed in the pitch competitions. We spoke at the conferences. We followed the formula. We couldn’t scale. Did we miss something…or did we just discover something missing in the cannabis industry?

The fact of the matter is we did what so many businesses did, we were so focused on building our widget, perfecting the process, laser focused on delivering the goods, we forgot to sell the goods. The hindsight of 2020 showed us where we had fallen short, failed to become diverse enough to withstand the pandemic pause, but on a macro scale we failed to see the problem created by the process of starting up. And we know how to fix it. 

Enter, HTBX International, scale accelerator for the cannabis & hemp industry. We help cannabis and hemp businesses who have a proven, minimum viable product and are looking to get to cash flow positive. 

We know because we have been there. We know because we had to restart to find out how to get you there. A wizard once told me that, “anything worth doing is worth doing over.” So here we are, retooling and refining the process. In the past 12 months we have completely overhauled our business model. Fellow start-ups have become clients, former clients have become suppliers, advisors have become consultants and all focused to scale your widget to the customers wallet. 

Businesses grow in curves and getting to cash flow positive even on a micro scale can bolster operational and investment opportunities. Our team of experts combined with a robust network of distributors, buyers and retailers are standing at the ready to provide the tools and relationships you need to help your business grow. Learn more here

And we are beginning to see tangible results from our efforts. Going into 2021 we have onboarded several new clients bringing our total client count to just under 10 in as many months. This means deals, discounts and brand influencer opportunities for the general public.

With discounts starting at 10% The HTBX team can now offer incentives to make you feel better with first to market brands like Arcanum, Maui CBD and Synapse CBD Gum. Use Promo Code “HTBX” at any of the links above to receive your discounted products.

As we improve processes with our B2B audience we look forward to passing along more great deals and product offerings for you to enjoy.

Thank you for your continued support as we build into 2021 and beyond.

-John McCaskill, Founder & Managing Partner

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