press release: htbx international announces launch of agile marijuana consumption spaces for businesses, municipalities and special events


New Company HTBX International Announces Launch of Agile Marijuana Consumption Spaces for Businesses, Municipalities and Special Events

With Historic First License, Company is Poised to Leverage Passage of House Bill 1230 Legalizing Social Consumption of Cannabis in Colorado and Changes in Laws Nationwide

DENVER, CO – May 8, 2019 – HTBX International (HTBX), the first-to-market provider of mobile, sustainably built marijuana consumption spaces, has announced its company launch and platform of product and services offerings allowing its HTBX units to be rented for events. HTBX units are also an efficient solution for ancillary businesses and dispensaries wanting to add a designated consumption area or tasting room for customers.

“We’re very excited to announce HTBX International and its recent approval for the first license for cannabis consumption at special events in Denver,” said John McCaskill, HTBX International founder. “HTBX International provides an agile, sustainable and convenient cannabis consumption area for temporary or permanent use, and our HTBX units can be modified to comply with regulations wherever social consumption of cannabis is legal,” McCaskill added.

According to cannabis industry data firm BDS Analytics, the emergence of social cannabis use is a top trend for 2019, with 71 percent of cannabis consumers nationwide saying they use the plant for social and recreational purposes. Colorado recently passed House Bill 1230, which allows retail cannabis stores, hotels, restaurants and other businesses to apply for cannabis social consumption areas, and other states and cities have developed similar legislation, including Alaska, California, Las Vegas, and Portland, Oregon.

The HTBX provides an efficient way for businesses and events to provide a safe designated consumption area for cannabis users. HTBX units can be rented for temporary use or customized as permanent tasting/hospitality rooms for existing businesses, allowing for more efficient building modifications and access to those seeking to start up a consumption-based business.

The HTBX has been carefully designed and manufactured utilizing local resources in Colorado. HTBX units are built from repurposed shipping containers, powered sustainably using solar panels, and are compliant with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act. Each HTBX unit is equipped with a high-tech HEPA air purifier that filters air inside the HTBX unit and removes cannabis odors and particulates.  

To provide education and help prevent cannabis over-intoxication, HTBX has partnered with Health Communications LLC, developers of the TIPS Alcohol Training Program, the leader in education and training for responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol. HTBX and Health Communications LLC are developing the first cannabis consumption intoxication awareness program with a global reach. The program will be introduced as a requirement for each HTBX operator, who will be trained to verify age, educate consumers on use, monitor consumption, take measures to prevent dual consumption and offer alternatives to driving while intoxicated.  

To address the epidemic of intoxicated driving, HTBX has partnered with state and local agencies along with leading ride share programs to offer discounted rides. HTBX, a company founded on responsibly engaging with communities and finding solutions for the issue of social consumption, invites local business leaders and officials to participate in all promotions and events.

McCaskill has been working toward approval of the HTBX concept since 2016 and has enlisted a highly qualified, diverse group of specialists to bring the project to fruition. HTBX International’s core company tenets support positive engagement with the environment and stewardship in the community, even requiring HTBX lessees to sign a letter of personal responsibility and a “leave no trace” agreement regarding social and waste impact. To learn more about how the company positively contributes to the community, environment and other social justice initiatives, please visit

About HTBX International

HTBX International is the first-to-market provider of agile, accessible and sustainable cannabis consumption spaces available to the public. The HTBX is an innovative adult-use cannabis consumption area sustainably built from upcycled shipping containers and compliant with Denver’s strict Designated Consumption Area regulations. The company provides the first ubiquitous consumption solution, direct-to-consumer retail and experiential marketing, consultative opportunities for compliance, consumption research and data acquisition. For more information, please call (720) 982-8049, visit our website at, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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